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G.O.O.D. MUSIC: Whatever You Want

Here’s a quick snippet from G.O.O.D. Music’s finest in a rare remix of Con’s “Whatever You Want”.

It’s hard to form an opinion when you have radio dj’s shitting all over the song. I’ll let you be the judge on this…pretty straight forward if you haven’t heard this yet. If I had to choose I’d say the homey Big Sean goes the hardest. Sorry Cudi.


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Artist to Watch: Celeb


Haven’t kept this consistent, but as I continue to blog more often I hope to make this a monthly post.

Many artists come and go; whether it’s lack of motivation, felony drug charges, you name it. It seems like the old myth holds true in hip-hop as it does in life: “watch the company you keep”. Insert Celeb here, this kid is new to the scene, virtually unknown to most. However, in some circles he’s right up there with the likes of Drake, and Weezy. With Wayne on a brief hiatus it’s time for the Young Money camp to pull another hitmaker off “the bench”. After listening to a few new tracks off his upcoming mixtape I have finally made my mind up…THIS KIDS GOT NEXT!!

Celeb-Air Yeezy’s

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Wale: The Wrap Up.


The time has finally arrived for D.C. Rapper Wale. Attention Defecit has finally dropped. However, the first week #’s or looking a bit underwhelming, but Wale seems to be staying positive; currently on tour he had this to say:

“This is my biography,” Wale said of his debut. “It’s honest. Raw emotion…My label is letting me put out an album with a single that released seven months ago. We’re not going for first week sales. We’re only shipping out 30,000 of them. We’re going for that grind. We’re showing people that you can build a fanbase the old fashioned way” (Honey Mag)

I listened to the album, and I’ve heard better. Although there 1 or 2 keepers, the album is inconsistent, full of tiresome metaphors, and cannot keep my attention. After listening to Wale for almost 4 years it becomes a little repetitive. This album was below the efforts of his last remembered classic mixtape “A Mixtape about Nothing“. However, Wale is apart of a new generation of rappers, and I’ll continue to support the guy.

There was chatter about the lack of distribution of the album, but who knows?. I guess this once again begs the question…just how large is internet distribution?, how can we track these sales?, whose actually buying versus whose pirating?. Not a bad thing…I’m just saying.


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Chip Tha Rip.


Still Get it in Ohio remix by non other than Chip Tha Ripper. This track is off of Chip’s upcoming mixtape: “The Cleavland Show”.

Chip Tha Ripper-Still Get it in Ohio (zshare)

photo courtesy of h.e.r.

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Guns don’t kill people….


The boy Diplo and his counterpart Switch kick off there Major Lazer tour today. Check the dates below. Catch me at S.O.B.’s tomorrow for the NYC Major Lazer show which will likely be the best show of the summer. Dates below:

June 13 New York, NY @ SOB’s

June 18 Boston, MA @ House of Blues – $10 BACARDI B-LIVE SHOW!

June 19 Philadelphia, PA @ Electric Factory – FREE BACARDI B-LIVE SHOW!

June 20 Washington, DC @ Rock and Roll Hotel – FREE BACARDI B-LIVE SHOW!

June 24 Vancouver, BC @ Commodore Ballroom

June 25 Seattle, WA @ Neumos

June 26 San Francisco, CA @ The Grand Ballroom at Regency

June 27 Los Angeles, CA @ LA Memorial Coliseum & Expo

July 9 Houston, TX @ EscobarJuly 10 Austin, TX @ Austin Music Hall

July 11 Dallas, TX @ House of Blues

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Mr. Solo Dolo


’09 has been nothing short of amazing for Cudi. Scary thing is… we’re only half into the year, and he’s just getting started. Here’s his new track “Mr. Solo Dolo“. The track picks up where Cudi left off on the infamous:  “Kid Named Cudi” mixtape. The beat is crazy, and Cudi rolls it!!. .

May go over your head for the fist listen, but it will grow on you whether you like it or not. Check Cudi’s tour dates below w/ Asher Roth.

Kid Cudi- Mr. Solo Dolo (zshare)

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Good Listen: “Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse”


A little departed from his Ghetto Pop Life and Gnarls Barkley…producer Brian Burton aka Danger Mouse took his experimental music one step further by creating an Indie Album with Sparklehorse. The album titled “Dark Night of the Soul” features guests such as: Iggy Pop, and Nina Persson. Although the tone of the album is sleppy, and melodic it’s a good listen. Industry recommended.

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