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G.O.O.D. MUSIC: Whatever You Want

Here’s a quick snippet from G.O.O.D. Music’s finest in a rare remix of Con’s “Whatever You Want”.

It’s hard to form an opinion when you have radio dj’s shitting all over the song. I’ll let you be the judge on this…pretty straight forward if you haven’t heard this yet. If I had to choose I’d say the homey Big Sean goes the hardest. Sorry Cudi.



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Artist to Watch: Celeb


Haven’t kept this consistent, but as I continue to blog more often I hope to make this a monthly post.

Many artists come and go; whether it’s lack of motivation, felony drug charges, you name it. It seems like the old myth holds true in hip-hop as it does in life: “watch the company you keep”. Insert Celeb here, this kid is new to the scene, virtually unknown to most. However, in some circles he’s right up there with the likes of Drake, and Weezy. With Wayne on a brief hiatus it’s time for the Young Money camp to pull another hitmaker off “the bench”. After listening to a few new tracks off his upcoming mixtape I have finally made my mind up…THIS KIDS GOT NEXT!!

Celeb-Air Yeezy’s

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Mr. Solo Dolo


’09 has been nothing short of amazing for Cudi. Scary thing is… we’re only half into the year, and he’s just getting started. Here’s his new track “Mr. Solo Dolo“. The track picks up where Cudi left off on the infamous:  “Kid Named Cudi” mixtape. The beat is crazy, and Cudi rolls it!!. .

May go over your head for the fist listen, but it will grow on you whether you like it or not. Check Cudi’s tour dates below w/ Asher Roth.

Kid Cudi- Mr. Solo Dolo (zshare)

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Mr. Hudson ft. Kanye West- Supernova


Here’s the first single from newly crowned G.O.OD. music artist “Mr. Huson”. This may be more than just a trend for Kanye…im just sayin!!

Mr. Hudson feat. Kanye West -Supernova

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